My name is Přemysl Janouch and I'm a contract programmer.

I like making ideas real, and I get a lot of them. Over the years I've worked with and tried various things ranging from embedded programming to basic web development but I feel the most proficient in C, C++ and Go on *nix platforms, hacking on various applications and servers/daemons.

I'd also enjoy working with Lua, Ruby, Crystal, Perl, Erlang, Elixir, Scheme, F# and all that lies close.

I am currently located in Teplice, Czech republic and mostly work remotely.


Auto Kelly a.s.

February 2013 — now

Development and maintenance of an in-house ERP/WMS written in C++ running on Debian GNU/Linux. Backend as well as web/CLI/TUI frontends. Various supporting scripts and utilities. System integration. Internal systems administration. Practical experience with Berkeley DB, PostgreSQL, JSON-RPC, Borland Turbo Vision, GitLab. Proudly responsible for generating cryptographically signed PDF invoices and PDF waybills, export to OOXML spreadsheets and queued import/export processing, among others.

ComSource s.r.o.

November 2016 — June 2017 (8 months, part-time)

Packet capture using Intel's DPDK with some Go thrown in for a microservice bridge.


March 2016 — September 2016 (7 months)

General package mantenance: updates, tracking down bugs, backporting fixes.

C, Perl, Python, shell scripts, Open Build Service, RPM ad nauseam.


Fluent in Czech and English.

As a part-part-time hobby I'm slowly working on other languages, although so far I'm only decent in Polish and Russian. My other targets are German, French, and Esperanto.


C/C++, Go, Lua, sh/Perl/AWK/sed, some Ruby/Python/JavaScript and 2000's web development

Everything that lies beneath the covers of Linux/BSD and their desktops, with a slight inclination towards GNOME and St. Poettering. Working on deeper understanding through experience in my free time. I'm bound to write my own entire operating system eventually due to curiosity and overall dissatisfaction.


p@janouch.name for e-mail and Jabber, irc.janouch.name #dev, phone number on request.