The name "haven" merely hints at motivations and otherwise isn’t of any practical significance other than that we need an identifier. (This time I resisted using something offensive for personal amusement.)

A logo covering the entire project is not needed and it seems hard to figure out anything meaningful anyway, though we might pick a specific font to use for the project’s name <1>.

<2>   _/ /_    <1>  | _     _          _    _
     \  _  \        |/ \   / \| \  /  /_\ |/ \
     / / / /        |   | |   | \  / |    |   |
    /_/ /_/         |   |  \_/|  \/   \_/ |   |

That being said, if any symbol is deeply desired, a simple "h" <2> or "hvn" could work. I’m not sure where I took this "h" letter styling from, it seems too familiar. The above illustrations also show how awful it looks when a logo is just a stylized version of the first letter of a name when you put the two next to each other. Distinctly redundant. Facebook and Twitter are doing fine, though, perhaps because they do not use them together like that.



I can think of two kinds of mascots that would bring me joy: an anime-style character, or a My Little Pony OC. The color scheme would be mostly grayscale, with something like shades of orange thrown in.

Either of the two choices is hard to draw for me if I don’t want to infringe on someone else’s copyright, so I might have to find someone else to do it. Eventually. Priorities lie elsewhere.