My name is Přemysl Eric Janouch and I'm a contract software developer.

I've worked with and tried various things ranging from embedded programming to web development but I feel the most proficient in C, C++ and Go on *nix platforms, hacking on various applications and servers/daemons. I also have a positive attitude towards Erlang, Elixir, Ruby, Crystal, Perl, Lua, Scheme, OCaml and Elm.

I am currently located in Teplice, Czech republic and mostly work remotely.


Independent open source developer

I make ideas real, and I get a lot of them. I've spent months of time working for the common good, and sometimes I write about it.

LKQ CZ a.s.

February 2013 — March 2021 (de-facto)

Development and maintenance of an in-house ERP/WMS written in C++ running on Debian GNU/Linux. Backend as well as web/CLI/TUI frontends. Various supporting scripts and utilities. System integration. Internal systems administration.

ComSource s.r.o.

November 2016 — June 2017 (8 months, part-time)

Packet capture using Intel's DPDK with some Go thrown in for a microservice bridge.


March 2016 — September 2016 (7 months)

General package maintenance: updates, tracking down bugs, backporting fixes.

C, Perl, Python, shell scripts, Open Build Service, RPM ad nauseam.


Fluent in Czech and English, with C2-level certification for the latter. A2/B1 levels of Polish, Russian, French. A1 level of German.

Content to force my way through most European languages with a dictionary in hand.


C/C++, Go, Lua, sh/Perl/AWK/sed, some Ruby/Python/JavaScript, simple web frontends

I have extensive knowledge of things that lie beneath the covers of Linux/BSD and their desktops. I'm bound to write my own entire operating system eventually due to curiosity and overall dissatisfaction with the current status quo.