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October 51 Unix Era

Our eyes have a visual point of view of like 160 degrees. But what I’ve got here is about 25, and on a cellphone it’s pathetic. So this is completely wrong. 100% wrong. Wrong in a really big way. If you look at the first description that Engelbart ever wrote about what he wanted, it was a display that was three feet on its side, built into a desk, because what is it that you design on? If anybody’s ever looked at a drafting table, which they may not have for a long time, you need room to design, because there’s all this bullshit that you do wrong, right?

This is why experienced programmers have big multiple screens. They’re working on something where the result is going to be fit on one screen, but you have to have all this other stuff, it’s like when you make an arch; it’s not just piling up the bricks, you have to put this whole scaffolding up. You have to hold everything together until you get the keystone in place. And virtually all of the productivity tools that I’ve seen, I’ll just say, "all" because I haven’t seen all of them, but the ones I have seen, they just completely don’t understand this at all. They’re all about this idea, which most programmers have that’s wrong, is that you’re going to write the program the right way. Nothing’s going to be wrong. The whole idea is to make a fucking mess. And if you look at the way Disney artists do things, the whole thing is messy. This is something anybody in the arts knows completely about, and hardly anybody in computing knows anything about. But in fact, it’s a key factor in building a good interactive development environment.

September 51 Unix Era