degesch: server addresses

degesch: server addresses

(degesch is my work-in-progress IRC client. It’s part of the uirc3 umbrella project.)

Finally with the "connector" class in place that takes care of asynchronous connections, I was able to change the old way of configuring the server address into one more familiar to weechat users.

Instead of "server.irc_host" and "server.irc_port" you now have "server.addresses" which is a string array accepting hostnames with optional port numbers after a colon.

[1:degesch] /set server.addresses = "localhost:6667"

This means that now you can configure multiple server addresses to cycle through upon establishing a connection.

(Unfortunately connections over SOCKS can only make use of the first server on the list, as the SOCKS code is an ugly legacy blemish that needs to be rewritten one day and I didn’t want to spend too much time on hacking it into obedience.)