Weekly report 20-34

Mental state

My ‘experiment’ from last week left me in an unusable state on Monday, with barely functioning short-term memory. That was very not pleasant. The following days weren’t much better with a general lack of motivation, however I could seemingly fix that with smaller doses of modafinil. I’ll have to figure out to what extent the motivation is a purely mental problem.


I have finally got around to publishing a few more articles on my site, including this report and a few earlier ones. I went for (re)writing them in AsciiDoc, not only because it worked great for the Haven wiki. Though I had to curb my enthusiasm eventually, as libasciidoc is in no case in a perfect state, and I have started running into annoying issues.

Let’s see if I can keep writing. To a large extent this depends on whether there will be something to write about, as some stretches of days are just lazy or plainly boring. And maybe they should be, instead of desperately trying to find something ‘exciting’ to do.

I also need to set aside some time for this, as English is not my first language and it gets quite exhausting if I want the result to be worth a damn—​both grammar-wise and style-wise. I know I don’t like poorly written text. And no, Czech is hors de question, there would be close to no readers (besides, I’m not particularly fond of the idea of the non-English speaking part of my slowly dwindling family reading these lines; ordinary folk are likely to misinterpret everything, and I’d rather not deal with that if I don’t have to).

Warehouse visit

I’ve been at my job for several years now, yet I had never seen the central warehouse, much less been there. That has changed this week.


The place is huge. It makes me think of Kowloon city, on some level. Parts of it are neat and orderly, others are messy and packed, going about four storeys high, and there’s certainly no lack of places to hide in. I couldn’t have possibly captured it all, and it amazed me.

Tyres in warehouse

My na├»ve programmer’s idea of what it could look like paled in comparison.


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