Weekly report 20-35

TUI article

Being what I consider the biggest wart on my site, this article desperately needed getting back to. Sadly, it is considerably hard to finish, and even though I’ve had some success with using freewriting to sketch the remaining sections, I’ve also found a few more rabbit holes to delve into. I suppose I’ll force myself to get the new ‘feature table’ part done as soon as possible, and then I’ll have a rest from this again so as to not exhaust myself on it completely.

I swear I’ll never make TUIs again, nor will I write about them. It’s a neverending source of pain, and they’re awkward and hideous.

Some love for the forgotten

Franta suggested I add a screenshot to the repository of my mouse configuration tool. At first I dug up an old one I found lying around on my hard drive, though eventually I decided to make an Ubuntu VM to replace it with a prettier image. (As a side note, it seems that VirtualBox is broken again in i3, however with 200% scaling I accidentally managed to make the window both stay and render fullscreen.)

One thing bothered me a lot, which was the frame around the GtkNotebook that encloses all widgets becoming ugly with some version of GTK+ (if I remember correctly—​it’s been so long). Luckily I got the idea to launch the very useful GTK+ inspector to have a look at whether I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it by changing some property. Indeed it was possible.

Then it was just a question of finding out that gnome-screensaver can take a screenshot of a single window without blending its anti-aliased border with the background, which was a surprise to the pessimist me, and now it's all pretty again.


There’s too much clutter in my life. As of late I keep running into this. Things keep piling on and all of a sudden you find yourself going through motions that don’t even matter to you. It’s like driving with the handbrake on. Absent focus, you can't actualise.

So this weekend, after getting disgruntled, partially as a result of making microscratches on my almost brand new camera lens in an attempt to clean it, I got angry enough to do something about this issue. And went on a deleting spree through my photo collection and e-mail. I also finally put the progressively growing stack of receipts that I kept around, thinking of it as of a function of my existence in this reality, in the trash bin.

Only things that mark my achievements, serve an important function, or are a pure joy to look at, may stay. The rest isn’t even worth selling, most of the time, physical or not. They aren’t resources, they consume resources. The most valuable of them: my attention.

One particular robber is photos, as I thought about it, going through my files. Many of them are completely useless, others make me sad or anxious, and only a tiny part ever improves my mood or provides some useful information. People tend to take them almost automatically, yanking themselves away from the moment, then store them indefinitely.

It was a refreshing experience to enter that state of mind where I just stopped caring, and cast aside a great part of the sentimentalism, the unreasonable attachment to stuff I’m familiar with. I felt freer.

But I have a lot of work in front of me, discarding the undesired. Clutter must be disposed of before it gets a chance to accumulate. Easy to agree with, harder to live by. Yet I can’t help but observe that I finally appear to be embracing the minimalist way of life, month by month.


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